Protected by the Community


Athena project

Athena Ins is digital guarantee system, fully automated and transparent. Its objectives are to revolutionize the world of insurance by giving investors a tool to become the one who insures and even create their own cover contract. So to achieve the creation of coverages for all and without intermediaries as traditional insurance structures can be.

The platform provides anyone to obtain protection, it is not possible that you will be denied or overcharged insurance.

Athena introduces the protection P2P in the world of digital asset and decentralized finance.

Secure to Earn

Athena Ins will give everyone the opportunity to become a guarantee provider by injecting liquidity into a coverage.

In exchange for your protection, subscribers' contributions to your insurance contract will be transfered to you and you will also earn income trough your chosen investment strategy on the guarantee funds blocked.

Guarantee providers can reinsure their capital invested in covers. Thus, in the event of a major claim, part of their capital is secured.


Athena Ins is a project whose functions are autonomous and once launched it will operate without intervention and will be managed by the community according to these needs and not by an entity. It is implemented with a token system.

Each member of the community holding the ATEN token will be able to stake for participate in or initiate decisions concerning the future of Athena Ins.
All decisions taken within the platform will be the result of a majority agreement.

This system of governance allows users to be actors of the platform and everyone can have decision vote within the community.


Protect the user trough the community.

All the contributions collected through the purchase of guarantee policy belong to the guarantee providers and to them alone, no other intermediary is paid if the guarantee provider does not use leverage or reinsurance .

The claims validation system is also decentralized and assigned to the community via KLEROS an arbitration protocol.
A part of the contribution can be distributed to claim validators if there has been a claim has been assessed and validated.

Partners and Integrations