Who is Athena ?

Today blockchain offers the possibility of reaching the ultimate stage of collaborative insurance. A system where everything is automated, transparent, managed by the community and without any intermediary. We are pleased to present the first decentralized collaborative insurance system to you. Athena Ins !

I°) For people who want to enjoy the high yields of DeFi in complete safety Athena Ins is the essential platform! It makes it possible to find investors offering via smart contracts to buy the risks, as would a traditional insurer

II°) Athena is the first blockchain platform that gives each person the possibility to create an insurance cover or to inject liquidity into one of them to obtain returns.

III°) Claims concerning claims are public, they are examined and validated or not by a vote of the community where each participant is remunerated. After validation of the claim, the user who made the request is compensated.

IV°) The Athena Ins system is made up of 3 mains roles :
-The protectors who create the hedges or inject liquidity into the hedge
-Subscribers who take out coverage to protect their crypto assets
-The validators who examine and vote to validate or not the claim of a subscriber

Each role of the system is paid Alone you go faster !

Together we will go further ! Athena Ins, protected by the community