What is the project ?

Become a Cryptocurrency insurer

As the number of DEFI protocols and applications is growing, hacks and breaches come with them. Thus insurance's importance is becoming a crucial concern about investors. But traditional insurances will not get in the crypto world. So what about creating a p2p insurance. Following the decentralized philosophy of the blockchain, we can ensure ourselves without any centralized entity.

With Athena Ins, you can be the insurer, and you can choose two ways :

You can easily create your insurance smart contract to get all the subscriber contributions and the stacking reward of the guarantee funds blocked at the creation of the insurance contract without platform taxation. If you don't want to own your smart contract you can also provide liquidity to a contract to get the same profit than the owners. On the other side, if you want to be insured, you can subscribe to the smart contract created by the insurers. And here comes the p2p insurance concept.

How it works when a hack occurs?

If you are an insurance subscriber and the hack is covered by the contract, you will provide a public detailed request. It will be checked by the community and voted. Validators are responsible for evaluating requests and confirming compensation or not. Each validator must commit funds to vote, the weight of the decision and the level of reward depend on the amount committed. To validate a decision, there must be an amount committed by the validators that is 2.5 times the amount of compensation for the request and a minimum consensus of 65%. If a decision is validated within 72 hours, a bonus is awarded to the validators who voted the same than the majority. If the request is validated, the subscriber will be refunded.

Aten token

wpAthena Ins provides an income to all even those who do not take part directly to the insurance system, ATEN token has a reflection of 0.025% to all holders. The Athena Ins team will not take any transaction fees on the platform.

All the transactions on the platform will be in ATEN token, so get some at the pre-sale for cheap.

The pre-sale of is coming on August 30th, so get ready right now and create your account for free on the platform : https://app.athenains.io/login